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Didi Akinyelure


Dr Chidi

McErnest Talks is the first full-spectrum Bureau, representing speakers, panellists, trainers, moderators & comperes from different industries and fields, solely of African heritage.


Our experience has expanded our understanding of the marketplace and provided us with strategic relationships throughout the industry.

We are confident that whatever the occasion - conference, workshop, seminar, debate or symposium, we will work with you throughout planning and execution and provide you with the right speaker or combination of speakers to ensure the most dynamic presentation.


Our unique expert select process does not only ensure that we find the right speaker for your event, but we also find the right event for speakers onboard our Bureau for whom we negotiate and manage engagements.



We represent  speakers, always exclusively, for their lectures and speaking engagements.  Many of our speakers are also available for seminars, debates, residences, and some as hosts and moderators for special events. Because we represent those speakers exclusively, we have a more complete understanding of the speaker and can better determine if a speaking engagement is suited to the speaker and the customer alike. We endeavour to make every engagement  successful for our speakers and our customers.



We create and manage events and help brands connect, engage and evolve. Whether a conference, workshop, symposium, forum, or a seminar, etc - From start to finish we work with our clients to understand their ethos and the message they wish to communicate. Our aim is to create strategic integrated experiences that form a human connection between brands and their target audience.

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